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Vela House

Pastoral Manager -

Upper Campus - Mr L Wood

Lower Campus - Mr A Blackbourn

House Colour: Woodpecker Green

Named after the Constellation of Vela

Sail to Success

The Story of Vela

Vela is one of the three constellations that used to form the huge constellation Argo Navis, the ship of Jason and the Argonauts. In 1763 Nicolas Louis de Lacaille divided the Argo Navis into three constella- tions: Carina (the Keel), Puppis (the Stern), and Vela (the Sail)..

In Vela house we discuss our problems to find solutions. We value honesty. We always AIM HIGH!

Upper Campus

VE1 Lizzy Harness
VE2 Katie Lord
VE3 Travis Rudkin
VE4 Oliver Laking
VE5 Jay Carter
Sports Captain
Male Harry Cohen
Female Emily Ogden

Lower Campus

VE1 Oliver Warne
VE2 Ruby Fox
VE3 Kira Chamberlain
VE4 Faith -Rose Parker
Sports Representatives
Male Henry Brown
Female Ruby Fox

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Louth Academy

Philip C Dickinson
BA (Hons) MA PGCE.