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Transition - Useful Information For Year 7 Students & Parents

Useful Information for Year 7 Students:

Arriving by Bus:

It normally takes very little time our children to become familiar with catching the bus to and from the Academy. The most important thing is to be at the bus stop on time in the morning. You should arrive at least ten minutes before the designated pick-up time. A 'dry run' may be required to work out what time you need to get up to get to the bus stop on time. It is very important to have a 'plan B' in case the bus does not turn up for some reason.

At the end of each day, a team of teachers are on bus duty to make sure you catch the correct bus. If, for some reason, you do miss your bus, do not panic; instead report to a member of staff on bus duty who will help you to call home and make alternative transport arrangements.

If you are travelling on a service bus, you must make sure you keep your ticket safe if it is a return ticket, or have enough money if you need to pay for a return fare.

Keep your bus pass safe as you will need it; avoid behaviour that could distract the driver and do not leave anything on the bus when you get off.

Note for Parents / Carers:

There are a number of extra-curricular activities that run after 3.15pm. Please make sure you know which of these your child is attending to ensure travel plans are in place on the appropriate days.

The Academy Day:

A bell will sound at 8.50am each morning to indicate that you must start to go to registration with your tutor. Registration time is at 8.55am. Any student arriving to registration after 8.55 will be marked late.

All lessons are 50 minutes and split up as follows:

08:50 Warning Sounder
08:55 Registration
09:15 Period 1
10:05 Period 2
10:55 Break (15 minutes)
11:10 Period 3
12:00 Period 4
12:50 Lunch (40 minutes)
13:30 Period 5 (PM Registration)
14:25 Period 6
15:15 End of Day
15:15-16:30 Extra-Curricular Activities


Unlike Primary School, you will move from one classroom to the next for your lessons and could be taught by six different teachers every day. Normally, it takes a few weeks to remember all the teachers' names, which subjects you are taught, when these are and which rooms they are in – but this is completely normal when you start secondary school.

You will need to bring the correct books and equipment every day. It is a good idea to pack your bag the night before so you know you are organised for the next day. Have a copy of your timetable at home so you know what lessons you have each day.

For each lesson you will need to arrive promptly, unpack what you need for the lesson, wait quietly for the register and be ready to start work.

Note for Parents / Carers:

Learning is impacted if books and equipment are forgotten. It is important that your child has pens, pencils, a ruler and specialist equipment like a scientific calculator for lessons such as Maths and Science. Failure to be properly equipped will lead to sub-standard work. PE kit should only be brought in on days when PE takes place or if your child is involved in PE fixtures/training/PE extra-curricular activities. Until your child is used to the new routine of secondary school, it may help to unpack your child's school bag each night with them and help them get organised for the following day – at least for the first two weeks.


If you consistently work hard in lessons, produce outstanding work, have high attendance, show excellence in extra-curricular activities or carry out commendable service to the Academy community, you will be rewarded with merits. Merits will lead to a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond award, as well as building towards gift vouchers. If you work hard throughout the year and consistently show pride in your work, you could be nominated for special recognition at the end of the academic year.


Homework is an important part of learning. You should make sure that your homework is written down clearly in your Student Planner, showing exactly what has to be done and when it needs to be completed by. If you are not sure then ask your teacher. Take pride in your homework and complete it to the best of your ability. Do not try to do it whilst doing other things. Make sure it is handed in on time.

Online Platform – Frog:

Homework set by teachers is also displayed on the Academy's online learning platform which you can access from home if you have an internet connection. It shows what the homework tasks are, when they are due and, sometimes, may include resources that you need to complete the tasks. Each student has a log-in and will be shown how to access the online facility.

Note to Parents / Carers:

If you have any concerns about homework content or frequency, please contact the subject teacher concerned as soon as possible.


The first impression you make is how you look in the Academy uniform. Always try to be smart in your appearance and wear only the approved items of uniform and not the latest fashion alternative.

Note to Parents / Carers:

Name absolutely everything, even shoes and PE trainers. Have spares just in case your son/daughter misplaces an item of uniform or P.E. kit. As mentioned earlier, encourage your child to pack their bag and get organised the night before; this should avoid early morning panics.


You may wear a watch to make sure you are not arriving late to lessons. Because of examination regulations, Smart or Apple watches are not permitted. The Academy also allows a pair of plain stud earrings (1 in each ear maximum). No other piercings, necklaces, bracelets or rings are allowed. These will be confiscated if a teacher sees you wearing them and a letter sent home. All watches/jewellery will need to be removed for P.E. lessons and any extra-curricular activities involving PE.

Note to Parents / Carers:

The 'No Jewellery' rule avoids items being lost, damaged or stolen. It also avoids potential health and safety issues in practical subjects.

Make Up:

Make up should not be worn in the Academy. If you wear make-up, including nail varnish, to school you will be sent to the House office and asked to remove it. Names are recorded of students who fail to comply with this rule and sanctions are implemented to regular offenders.

Mobile Telephones:

Mobile telephones are not allowed at the Academy. If you have a mobile telephone and it is seen or heard by a member of staff it will be confiscated and a letter sent home. If students need to contact home for a particular reason, they may go to the Student Office where telephone facilities will be available.

Note to Parents / Carers:

The Academy is particularly strict with confiscating mobile phones. Not only do they affect lessons if they go off in class, but could also lead to distress if damaged or lost. The Academy accepts no responsibility for a mobile telephone which is lost, stolen or damaged on site.

Lunch Arrangements:

Lunch-time is 40 minutes: 12:50pm – 1:30pm.

If you bring a packed lunch you can eat it in the main dining hall. If you use the canteen you may have to be patient when you queue up for your food. The Academy canteen uses a cashless system. Parents / carers can pay money into an account for you, either through an on-line system (Parent Pay) or you can pay cash into your account at the onsite cash machine at break or lunchtime.

Note to Parents / Carers:

There is a Parent Pay application form in the Transition Pack.

Lower Site Map:

Parents' Evenings:

There will be a Year 7 Parents' Evening. The date will be published at the start of the academic year on the Academy website. Appointment schedules are given to students to organise.

Note to Parents / Carers:

Although Parents' Evenings are an important way to check your child's progress, don't wait until then if you have any immediate concerns.


At first it is difficult for parents/carers to know how to get the balance right between giving too much or not enough support in the first few weeks of secondary school. The most important thing in the first few weeks is to put aside at least ten minutes each night to discussing how the day has gone and making sure that homework is completed for each subject.

Note to Parents / Carers:

You know your child better than anyone. If, after the first few days, you are concerned about your child's behaviour, or if they are having difficulties sorting out issues, it is best to contact your child's House tutor. This can be done by telephoning us on 01507 606 349 or emailing us at enquiries@louthacademy.co.uk with the name of the House tutor in the subject box, asking for the email to be forwarded to them.

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