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Transition - Welcome Message

Dear Year 6 students and parents

I appreciate that this is a challenging and unusual time. However, I would like to reassure our new Year 7 students and parents/carers, that we are thinking of you all and your transition from primary school. Staff have been working together to provide information for those starting in Year 7 at Louth Academy. We appreciate that the current school closure and the inability to hold transition days and additional tours around the site could be causing some anxiety for those joining us in September 2021 so we have prepared a range of material viewable on our website to help.

The following is available to help you prepare for coming to Louth Academy: -

Transition – Video (This short film is a tour of Louth Academy so you can get to know the site)
Transition – Work booklet (This booklet gives you some activities to do over the summer to help prepare you for starting secondary school)
Transition – New Intake Parents’ Evening Presentation (This talk contains information for parents and students starting at Louth Academy)
Transition – Useful information for students and parents in Year 7 (This contains lots of information about starting at the Academy eg lesson times etc)
Transition – Map and example timetable (This shows students how to read their timetable and where the classrooms are)
Transition – FAQs (We asked our current Year 7 to help create some frequently asked questions)

I hope the information above is reassuring and helps to answer some of the queries you may have at this time. Do keep checking the Year 6 tab on our website for further updates.

I understand that this is a big step for you – your House tutor, subject teachers and Head of House all appreciate this. It is really important to express how you feel every day to your House Tutor at the Academy to ensure that concerns are sorted out as soon as possible. I can guarantee that in no time at all you will know your way around the site and will even be able to show next year's Year 6 students and their parents/carers around when we hold our next Open Evening!

I look forward to meeting you in September.

Mr Dickinson

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Philip C Dickinson
BA (Hons) MA PGCE.