Young Shakespeare Company Visit Brings Macbeth To Life

A Young Shakespeare Company performance of Macbeth for Year 10 and 11 GCSE English Literature students at Louth Academy. Pictured are students who had brief roles in the performance: (l-r) Amy Fussey, Eloise Belding, Jayden Foss, Ethan Fox (holding book), and Curtis Wilkinson. The actors are (l-r) Joshua Okpala, David Paulin, Grace Miller, Keith Higinbotham and Elizabeth Rigby.

Louth Academy students had ringside seats for a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company. The Macbeth performance was staged in-the-round at the Academy with the Year 10 and 11 GCSE students completely surrounding the stage area.

The emotionally-charged performance from a company of accomplished Shakespeare actors brought the students' English Literature studies to life and provoked a mixture of strong emotions from them.

Shakespeare actor Keith Higinbotham said: "Our aim is to give the students a better understanding of Shakespeare's intentions by bringing the story of Macbeth to life right in front of them. I think they received it very well and there were tears and laughter, which you might not think of with Macbeth. They were a great audience who responded really well and I think everyone enjoyed it. If it gives them a better understanding of the text then we have done our job."

Theatre-in-the-round. The Louth Academy students have ringside seats for all of the action in Macbeth, staged by the Young Shakespeare Company at the Academy.

Young Shakespeare Company actor Keith Higinbotham (centre) in Macbeth at Louth Academy.

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