Year 11 - Letter To Parents 23 Jul 2020


23 June 2020

Dear Year 11 Students

I hope you are all well and have been able to find some positivity during this difficult time. You have been in our thoughts a great deal over the past couple of months, as everything we thought lay ahead of us at school was suddenly swept away. As we approach the time when we would have been celebrating an end to your GCSE examinations, I wanted to write to you to explain what has been happening whilst you have been at home.

With regard to the GCSE examinations, I would like to say how disappointed we all are on your behalf that you have not had the opportunity to sit the examinations you have worked so hard to prepare for throughout the last three years. Please be reassured that we have done everything we can to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by the situation. All of your subject teachers have been asked by the examination boards to predict the grade you would have been awarded if you had continued to work as you were when school ended. Many of you had excelled in your mock examinations; some of you had not done as well as expected - your teachers have taken all of this into account, so please do not worry if your mock result was unexpectedly disappointing. We have now submitted our recommendations to the examination boards and await their decisions. Results day will be on Thursday 20th August. Nearer to the time, we will let you know when to come in to collect results, and what social distancing measures have been put into place.

As a year group you have shown great resilience and positivity about the changes you have experienced since the start of Year 9, and have been an absolute delight to work with. Like you, we were looking forward to acknowledging and celebrating the end of term with a Leavers' Day and special assembly, and of course the Prom. Understandably, many of you will have been very disappointed by the cancellation of these events, just as we have been. However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that what is important in life is the people we care about and the relationships we make which give us strength and inspire us. Over the past five years, the friendships you have forged and the challenges you have experienced have helped to formulate the impressive young adults you are today: nothing can change that. The difficulties we have all faced over the last few months will hopefully make us all even more resilient, compassionate and patient than we were previously.

And so, it is important we look to the future. Thankfully, we know that all of you have already applied for a Post-16 course. I know that Mrs Allison has been in contact with many of you to ensure that this is the case. The online Virtual Learning Environment, FROG, has some links to useful websites if you would like to take a look, and START, the careers programme, may be worth investigating too. Of course, Academy staff are still here to offer support if you would like to get in touch. If you know where you plan to go in September, and you have not already looked, then it would be a good idea to visit their website, some of the providers have virtual tours available and they regularly post updates. Many post-16 colleges have also given details about reading, project and bridging work that can be completed prior to September to assist you in preparations for the new term.

Although your official leaving day from Louth Academy is on the 30th June, that is not the end. You are part of the Louth Academy family and we will always be interested in what you are doing, so please do keep in touch. If you are finding things particularly difficult at the moment, the pastoral staff at the Academy are still here to help you in any way they can. Do not hesitate in getting in touch if you need advice or to talk issues through.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you again on Thursday 20th August, GCSE results day, where I will be able to wish you all the very best for the future in person.

Yours sincerely

Mr M J Brown
Executive Principal

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