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We Are Ready To Welcome You Back

Louth Academy Science Technician and now retrained Testing Supervisor Colette Morris with Louth Academy Principal Philip Dickinson at the lateral flow testing stations. 

All secondary school students at Louth and Somercotes Academies will be back in the classroom for face-to-face teaching by Wednesday March 10.

A phased return to school to facilitate mass Covid testing will begin on Monday March 8. In line with Government guidelines, all secondary students will be tested every 3-5 days to ensure that they can safely return to the classroom for the first time since Christmas.

The logistics of the phased return will be slightly different at each of the secondary schools because of the size of the individual premises and the number of students at each school.

All parents will be informed in writing with details of their child’s return to the Academy.

The Academies have well-prepared testing stations in place. Students will have three tests at the Academy supervised by staff and then parents will be asked to carry out two lateral flow tests at home per week.

All students will be expected to wear face masks in corridors and classrooms or any areas where social distancing is not possible. Enhanced cleaning of all areas will continue as before.

Philip Dickinson, Principal of Louth Academy, said: “Every student will be tested before they are allowed back in the classroom. We are well prepared for this and we are confident that we can get everyone back into school within three days. We are very lucky to have two sites here which make the logistics of testing all students that much easier for us.

“We cannot wait to have all students back so that we can get on with the job of teaching and learning. Teachers are excited to see all children return and I know that many students are looking forward to seeing their teachers and their friends again.”

Martin Brown, CEO of the Trust, said: “As educationalists we are really pleased that children will be back in the classroom. We just want to get back to normal as soon as we possibly can and this is a step in the right direction.”

Theddlethorpe Primary Academy, which is also a member of the Trust, will also return to full-time schooling on Monday March 8. 

Pupils will all return on the same day with social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning in place as before. There is no requirement for testing of primary school children. Parents will be signposted to the school website for more detailed information.

Philip Dickinson, Louth Academy Principal, says the Academy testing stations are ready to go.

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