Top Grades At Louth As Newest TMAT Academy Celebrates Improvement In GCSEs

Louth Academy students celebrate GCSE success today.

Following its first full year as a member of Tollbar Academy Trust, the newly-merged Louth Academy is celebrating much improved GCSE results with a number of students achieving top Grade 8 and 9s, the equivalent of an A* grade or above.

These high grades have been achieved in a wide range of subjects, with grade 9s in History, Food Technology and Combined Science; and Grade 8s in English Language, Combined Science, Biology, Physics, R.E., Geography, History and Art and Design.

Overall percentages show that 59% of students achieved a standard pass or above in their English GCSE and 56% of students attained a standard pass or above in Maths. Students achieving a standard pass or above in both English and Maths has improved from 39% to 46%.

There has been a marked improvement in the Sciences, with 79% of students attaining a standard pass or above in Physics and 77% of students attaining a standard pass or above in Biology and Chemistry. 57% of students achieved a standard pass in at least two Sciences.

Other successes include 94% of students attaining a standard pass or above in Art and Design; 69% of students achieving a standard pass or above in R.E.; 56% attaining a standard pass or above in Food Technology and 54% achieving a standard pass or above in History.

Executive Principal, Martin Brown said: "I am incredibly proud of the students who have achieved such good results. These outcomes reflect the hard work and positivity of the students, the encouragement of their parents and the dedication and commitment of my staff who have supported the students tirelessly this year. Following the merger of the two schools last year, it is clear the students have benefited from our high expectations and extensive pastoral and academic support. I am delighted that we are continuing to improve the educational outcomes for the young people of Louth."

Chief Executive, David Hampson said, "I am pleased with the progress being made at Louth Academy, and I am particularly impressed with students achieving grade 8 and 9s. This indicates that Louth Academy can offer an education equivalent to any other establishment in the area, either selective or non-selective. These improved results are further evidence of the positive impact the Trust is having in providing quality teachers and an excellent standard of resources and accommodation for the students in Louth."

Twins Ellie and Evie Odlin open their results.

Proud Evan Newby with his results.

Will Montgomery said: "I'm really happy with my results. They are far better than I expected. I put in a lot of work and the teaching staff were really helpful."

(L-r) Ellie Mae Turner, Edward Parrish and Sofina Hussain.

Successful student Callum Chater said: "I did well, better than I thought. I put in a lot of work, particularly in Maths and I got a grade 6. I'm going on to do A levels in Physics, Maths and Geography. The teachers have been super nice and supportive."

Bobbie-Jo Ritson celebrates GCSE success.

(L-r) Kyle Broadbent, Jake Wilkinson, Will Montgomery, Robert Stirton, Joel McIntyre, and Jack Evison.

Delighted Tayler Dawson.

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