Talk Encourages Students To Learn A Language

Geraldine Commowick (centre) with (l-r) Lindsey Davey (Louth Academy CL for Languages), and Louth Academy Year 8 students Kira Chamberlain, Joshua Jackson, Elliott Barton, Willow Ireland, Faith-Rose Parker and Ben Weston-Tattam.

Encouraging students to learn a new language is high on the agenda at the Academy where students are being prepared to compete for jobs in a global world.

A visit from Geraldine Commowick, a multi-lingual Languages Teacher who is originally from France, was a great way of encouraging the younger students to continue learning a language as they prepare to make their GCSE choices.

Geraldine speaks English, French and Spanish fluently, and spoke to the students about the benefits of learning a language and how it can open doors to careers all over the world.

Lindsey Davey, Louth Academy Curriculum Leader for Languages, said: "We are so grateful to Geraldine for visiting the Academy. It is good to get a different perspective about languages from someone outside the school, especially from someone so experienced in languages and who has travelled extensively.

"Geraldine is a local resident but also a French native-speaker, who has had an interesting and varied career in teaching both English and other languages. She can speak some Mandarin Chinese and spent some time teaching English in China, but has also worked in Spain and is a good speaker of Spanish. She was able to speak to our students about the usefulness of learning a foreign language, and give them a wider perspective of the opportunities it can bring in the realms of travel, work and enjoyment.

"Students were keen to ask questions afterwards about other languages in the world and about her life experiences. They were quite surprised to learn about how many languages their teachers could speak too! Languages can be difficult, but the message is that they can also be really rewarding and useful and worth considering to widen their options in later life."

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