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Strict Safety Measures Encourage High Attendance at Louth Academy

Outside sinks at Louth Academy provide the opportunity for regular hand-washing. Pictured are Year 8 students Jayden Hopps and Jessica Watson.

Students, staff and parents at Louth Academy have won praise for their commitment to a full-time return to school, with attendance figures remaining high throughout September.

The Academy has introduced a raft of safety measures to ensure the safety of its students and staff, and is currently the only secondary school in the town that has committed to full-time opening.

New Principal Philip Dickinson said: "It is incredible to welcome all the staff and students back full time to the classroom at Louth Academy this month. We have put a whole host of measures in place to try and ensure the safety of everyone in the current circumstances. These include year group bubbles, staggered start and finish times, different entrances for different years groups, separate playgrounds and different sittings in the canteen at lunchtimes. The sites are being deep cleaned regularly and everyone is practising regular sanitising and hand-washing.

“The Academy has superb facilities thanks to the intervention of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust and, because we have two sites, we can ensure that we practise safe social distancing as much as possible whilst still committing to delivering the Full Curriculum for all of our students.

"We wanted to keep things as normal as we possibly could for the students at Louth Academy and the incredible sports facilities we have here, both at the Upper and Lower Sites, have allowed us to do that. This also means that we can continue to fulfil the Government's aims to ensure that our students remain as fit as possible throughout and beyond this current health crisis.

"I am extremely proud of all of the students and staff as attendance has remained high throughout September and there has been 100% commitment from staff. There is no substitute for being back in the classroom. Teachers and students agree that this is the best way to learn and, so far, everyone is fully embracing the new look Academy and the new ways of working."

Year 8 student Jessica Watson, who is at school on the Lower Site, said: “At first I was nervous, but the school has been organised so well that I have no fears now. For the most part, we remain in our classroom bubbles and teachers move around the site to teach us. When it was lockdown I did a lot of work on the FROG Online platform, but I am much happier to be back in the classroom where I can see the teachers and some of my friends.”

Investment has continued at the Academy this summer, with a complete renovation of the Upper Site Theatre now offering GCSE students the opportunity to access a university-style environment and take part in lectures. Well-Being Wednesdays have also been instigated at the Academy to promote positivity and aspirational drive for everyone during these difficult times.

Mr Dickinson said: "The improvements made by Tollbar Multi Academy Trust at Louth Academy, and the fantastic facilities and space that we are privileged to enjoy, have ensured that we are operating as close to normal as possible for students so far, and I want to say thank you to everyone who is working so hard to make that possible."

Students are taught in classroom bubbles.

Teachers must remain at the front of the classrooms so Prefects help out by signing student merits in their planners.

Students collect their lunches in their year group bubbles and have separate lunchtimes and dining halls.

Music students at the Lower Site in their classroom bubbles. All equipment is regularly sanitised.

Each year group has a separate playground for break times.

The Upper Site Theatre has been completely renovated to provide a higher-education style environment.

The Fitness Suites at Louth Academy continue to encourage good health and fitness.

Louth Academy's new Principal Philip Dickinson has praised students, staff and parents for their commitment to returning to school full-time.

P.E. lessons promote health and fitness.

The large Sports Hall allows for regular sport and exercise.

Well-Being Wednesdays have been introduced to promote positivity.

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