Post-16 Careers Fair Wins Praise From Students, Employers And Education Providers

Louth Academy Careers Fair. Year 11 Louth Academy student Jayden Foss with Lee Chapman, Resourcing Officer for Lincolnshire Police.

A post-16 Careers Fair at Louth Academy won praise from further education providers, employers and students as it brought them all together to discuss future options.

Students from Years 10 and 11 at both Louth and Somercotes Academies attended the fair and were able to meet a wide variety of college providers and potential employers, with representatives from local and national organisations present, including Lincolnshire Police and the RAF.

Esther Allison, Curriculum Leader for Citizenship at Louth Academy, organised the event. She explained: "We organised our Careers Fair to enable our students in Years 10 and 11 to speak to a variety of post-16 option providers and businesses. Students were able to find out more information about what options are available to them. With a range of businesses attending, the students could also gain insight into a variety of future careers.

"Engaging with people in this way not only helps students gain more information, but also promotes communication skills and builds confidence, which we witnessed on the day.

"The event went extremely well and students gave great feedback to teachers. Some students were inspired by the people they spoke to, others became much clearer on the courses and pathways they wished to take when leaving school.

"One of the Post-16 providers said they spoke to fourteen Year 10 students and eleven Year 11 students about potential volunteering opportunities. We are very grateful to all who attended and made the event such a great experience for our students," she said.

Louth Academy Year 11 student, Brook Dawson, said: "I'm interested in photography. I do Art GCSE and incorporate Photography into it. I am interested in studying this at A Level."

Year 10 student Brooke Melin, from Louth Academy, said: "I am looking to do A Levels. I am interested in animals and the University of Lincoln gave me some good advice. They have a course on animal welfare I am interested in."

Paula Butterfield, from the Apprenticeship Team at Grimsby Institute, with Louth Academy Year 11 students (l-r) Beattie Hughes, Jodie Bennett and Brook Dawson.

Louth Academy Year 10 students, (l-r) Kimberley Lee, Isabelle Duncan, Ellie Melin and Brooke Melin, with staff from Tollbar Sixth Form College, Richard Foster (back, left) and Stuart West, talking them through their A Level options.

Louth Academy Careers Fair. RAF Cpl Phil Davison (centre) and Flight Lieutenant Bruce Pettit chat with (l-r) Esther Allison (Curriculum Leader for Citizenship at the Academy and organiser of the event) and Louth Academy Year 10 students, Ebony Addison and Sophie Miles.

Year 11 Louth Academy students, (l-r) Isabelle Collins, Rhian Adlard, Jay Carter and Shannon Graves, with Micronclean staff, Elena Yeoman (left) and Christina Franks.

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