Nominations For The Election Of A Parent Governor


6 September 2018

Dear Parent

I am writing to seek nominations from parents willing to serve on the Academy's Local Governing Body with immediate effect. There are two vacancies to be filled. A 'parent' for the purpose of the election is a person with 'Parental Responsibility' as defined by the Children's Act 1989 and includes married parents, mothers of non-marital children and divorced or separated parents. It may also include unmarried fathers who may acquire parental responsibilities or by agreement with the mother or by means of a Court Order. Guardians, non-parents in respect of whom a Residence Order is made and local authorities in respect of whom a Care Order is made may also acquire parental responsibility. A Parent Governor must have a child in the Academy at the beginning of the Academy Year in September 2018.

There are circumstances which disqualify parents from standing for election to the Local Governing Body, but not from proposing or voting for candidates. In brief, these are where a person has been adjudged bankrupt or has been convicted of a criminal offence during the last 5 years for which a prison sentence (suspended or not) for a period of not less than 3 months, without the option of a fine, was imposed; an elected member of the Local Authority or an employee at the Academy.

For the purpose of proposing candidates, a nomination slip is attached to this which should be completed and posted to the Executive Principal, Mr Brown at Louth Academy, by those parents wishing to make nominations to arrive no later than Monday 17 September. Those parents nominated and seconded (by eligible parents) and who have indicated their willingness to stand for election by signing the nomination slip may submit brief biographical details (approximately 100 words) for circulation with ballot papers.

On the closing date for the receipt of nominations, if the number of candidates is the same as, or fewer than, the number of vacancies, then all candidates will be duly elected unopposed. If, however, there are more candidates than vacancies an election by secret ballot will be held.

The result of the election, (or if any election was not necessary, the name of the nominee) will be circulated to all parents as soon as possible after the count. The result will also be displayed in the main entrance of the Academy of the premises for seven days.

I look forward to receiving your nominations.

Yours faithfully

Mr D J Hampson, OBE

Chief Executive Officer

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Louth Academy
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Martin Brown
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT
Chief Executive

David J Hampson