Macbeth Brought To Life For GCSE English Students

A scene from The Young Shakespeare Company's performance of Macbeth for Year 10 GCSE English students.

The Young Shakespeare Company brought Macbeth to life for Year 10 GCSE English students, with a shortened performance of the original play.

Alison Brown, Assistant Principal and Curriculum Leader For English, said: "The actors performed a shortened version of the play with a little workshop at the beginning to give students an idea about how Shakespeare can be performed in different ways for modern audiences compared to 400/500 years ago.

"Some students got involved playing minor parts, but it really gave them a flavour of how engaging Shakespeare can be rather than just reading it on the page, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves."

Students are in the thick of the action.

Macbeth brought to life at Louth Academy for GCSE English students.

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Philip C Dickinson
BA (Hons) MA PGCE.