High Standards At MAT Inter-Academy Athletics Tournament

Henry Redmond completes the long jump for Louth Academy in the TMAT Inter-Academy Athletics Tournament.

Year 9 and 10 students competed in the first TMAT Inter-Academy Athletics Tournament, held at Louth Academy. Using the QuadKids format, all students were required to perform four events on the evening; 100m sprint; 800m run; long jump; and shot put. Students took part from Somercotes, Louth, Cleethorpes and Tollbar Academies.

Darren Huart, Curriculum Leader for P.E. At Louth Academy, said: "The high standards displayed by students from each of the academies was impressive across all four events, with some very competitive races on the track proving very entertaining. Some huge throwing in the shot put was also a highlight of the evening."

The winning Team was Tollbar Academy and Somercotes Academy came second.

The four Academies who took part in the Tollbar Multi Academy Trust Inter-Academy Athletics Tournament. Represented are students from Louth, Cleethorpes, Somercotes and Tollbar Academies with their P.E. Teachers.

Fin Koslow leads the early stages of the boys 800m race.

Scarlett Norman and Molly Donaldson competing in the girls 800m race.

Freya Plaskitt finished a superb 3rd in the girls 800m.

Kandi Austin with a sprint finish at the end of the girls 800m.

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Louth Academy
Executive Principal

Martin Brown
BA (Hons).

Tollbar MAT
Chief Executive

David J Hampson