Grandparents Thrilled To Visit Students At New Academy

Louth Academy Grandparents Day. Freya Everton and nan Pat Bull bake biscuits.

Grandparents Day at the Academy provided an opportunity for an exchange of information and skills. Not only did grandparents get to see life inside a modern Academy, but Year 7 students were able to take advantage of some of their grandparents' skills as they worked together to make a variety of items in different departments.

Grandparents were thrilled to be invited into school and left many comments afterwards. One said it was "a lovely welcome" and another said: "It was great to see the children perform and work, and for us to be involved in a practical class."

One grandma said: "I really enjoyed baking biscuits with my granddaughter. It was all a totally enjoyable afternoon and as a grandparent I found it a highly-reassuring exercise, many thanks to you all."

Asked what they liked about the event, one grandfather said: “Everything, I like the feel of the Academy. It is very professional. Thank you.”

For one grandma it was a return to the past as Barbara Chester visited her grand daughter Lily Meese. Barbara had been a teacher at the previous school on the site back in the 1980s and had a picture of what it was like then.

Martin Brown, Louth Academy Executive Principal, said: "We are very happy to welcome grandparents into the Academy as they play such a large role in the students' lives. The comments they have made are very gratifying, and we know that the Year 7 students benefit from having their grandparents have a better understanding of what school life is like for them today."

Lily Meese baking with Grandma Barbara Chester.

Former teacher Barbara Chester with a photo from the 1980s showing her teaching in the same classroom.

Year 7 student Julia Michajlyazy with grandparents Miczyslaw Romanowski and Dorta Romanowskia.

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