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Epraise Reward System


20 January 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

Following on from our recent letter regarding Louth Academy’s new rewards system, we wanted to update you on how you can access the information regarding the reward points your child has received.

After careful consideration we have decided at this time to report this information via SIMs Parent instead of through the Epraise website. This will help keep all of the information regarding your child in one, easy to access area.

Through SIMs Parent you will be able to see the reward points your child achieves on a weekly basis. These will appear as achievement points within SIMs Parent. The launch of the new rewards system has been an instant success with over 3,500 reward points issued in the first week.

However, SIMs Parent is unable to inform you of the subject and specifically what the rewards points have been issued for. If you would like access to this information, we will need to create you a Parent Epraise account. If you would like a Parent Epraise account, please email enquiries@louthacademy.co.uk and you will receive a link in the next few days. Once you have received the link please follow the guidance on the attached page.

If you have any queries or feedback, please email enquiries@louthacademy.co.uk. We look forward to further recognising the great efforts of our students and hope you enjoy being able to see their achievements.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Dickinson

Enc.: Instructions for parents about how to log in to Epraise

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Philip C Dickinson
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