Letters To Parents

20MARAcademy Closure From Monday 23 March 2020

Ref: MJB/KC 20 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Academy Closure from Monday 23 March 2020 In line with the Government directive, the Academy will be closed from Monday 23 March unt... Read More...

19MARYear 11 Academy Prom 2020 Cancellation

Ref: MJB/KC 19 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Re: Year 11 Academy Prom 2020 I am writing to inform you that sadly, in light of the National situation, we have taken the difficult... Read More...

18MARPartial Closure For Years 7 & 8

Ref: MJB/KC 18 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Re: Partial Closure for Years 7 and 8 It is with regret that I have had to take the decision to close the Academy for Years 7 and 8 ... Read More...

17MARYear 11 Parents' Evening Cancellation

Ref: MJB/KC 16 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Re: Year 11 Parents' Evening In the light of recent developments concerning the Coronavirus, I have decided to cancel the Year 11 Pa... Read More...

17MARGeography Visits Cancellation

Ref: MJB/KC 16 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer I write to inform you that we will be postponing our planned GCSE Geography Fieldwork visits to Hull, scheduled for the 24, 25 and 26... Read More...

12MARContingency Planning For Coronavirus

Ref: MJB/TLG 12 March 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Re: Contingency Planning for Coronavirus As part of our contingency planning, we have to prepare for every eventuality, which might... Read More...

12MARMAT Coronavirus Response

Ref: DJH/KR 12 March 2020 Dear parent/carer Due to the current national situation in relation to the Coronavirus, I want to make you aware of the actions we have taken to support... Read More...

27FEBNewsletter 12th Feb 2020

Ref: MJB/KC 12 February 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Hand washing The Multi Academy Trust provides handwashing soap and antibacterial hand sanitiser in all the student toilets. Read More...

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