Academies Win Two Games Each In Local Derby Fixtures

Isobel Russel from Somercotes Academy is marked by Louth Academy students, Ebony Addison and Madeline Williams (Year 10) in the Wolds League Netball fixture.

Football and netball players from Somercotes and Louth Academies battled each other in a local derby in the Wolds League.

Tim Lowe, Curriculum Leader for P.E. at Louth Academy, said: "The Year 8 and Year 10 netball and football matches between Louth Academy and Somercotes were very competitive, with Louth Academy winning both Year 8 fixtures, and Somercotes triumphant in both Year 10 fixtures. It was great to see all games being played in the right spirit with a good level of ability on show."


Year 8 Netball: Louth Academy 15 – 3 Somercotes.

Year 8 Football: – Louth Academy 10 – 0 Somercotes.

Year 10 Netball: Louth Academy 15 – 19 Somercotes.

Year 10 Football: Louth Academy 1 – 3 Somercotes.

Somercotes Academy students Jozef Meik, and McKenzie Henderson in the battle, against James Quinlan from Louth Academy.

Somercotes Academy student Isobel Russel tries to pass to Teanna Willey or Ella Pickard. The are marked by Louth Academy students Ebony Addison and Madeline Williams (Year 10).

Kai Coulling (Somercotes Academy) against Jamie Atkinson (left) and Ghian Dean (right) from Louth Academy, Year 8.

Rosie Lee from Somercotes Academy is marked by Ruby Fox (Year 8, Louth Academy).

Louth Academy student Jamie Atkinson (Year 8) and Somercotes Academy student Abigail Coley in action.

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