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Spectacular Performance As Footballers Crowned Triple District Champions

The three Louth Academy football teams - Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10 - who have each been crowned Coastal and Wolds District Football Champions in their respective year groups. 

Louth Academy’s drive for aspiration in its students across the whole curriculum has resulted in fantastic wins by its sports teams this summer.

Football teams in Years 7, 9 and 10 have all been crowned Coastal and Wolds District Football Champions bringing home a trio of trophies for the Academy.

Philip Dickinson, Principal of the Academy, said the wins are “indicative of where the academy is positioned in its aspirational drive for all students.”

“This is a fantastic achievement by all three teams and I am thrilled to congratulate them on striving for success in everything they do,” he said.

The Year 7 team played Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle, in the district final, winning the match 7-3. Alex Coonan scored a hat-trick, Brook Atack scored 2, and Ethan Van-Der-Vord also scored 2. Alex Coonan was named player of the match, for working tirelessly throughout.

The Year 9 team also beat QEGS, Horncastle, in their district final, by 3 goals to 2, with goals by Jake McSpadden, Billy Bennett and Billy Scollick. Harry McBurnie was named player of the match with an impressive display in midfield with Billy Bennett.

The Year 10 Team gave an equally impressive performance, beating Skegness Grammar School by 3 goals to 1.

Tim Lowe, Curriculum Leader for PE at Louth Academy, said: “It is really impressive to have three years groups in district finals in one season. It shows the progression and determination of the players to keep improving and continues our drive to be the best we can be.”

Louth Academy Year 7 Coastal And Wolds District Football Champions. (Back row, l-r): Joshua Bagley, Oliver Langley, Arthur MacTaggart, Conor Bannister, Jack Miller, Adam Fawzi and Benjamin Cook. (Front row, l-r) Max Loake, Ethan Van-Der-Vord, Alex Coonan and Brook Atack.

The Louth Academy Year 9 Coastal and Wolds District Football Champions. (Back row, l-r): Kit Ringguth-Round, Cameron Lawrie, Jake McSpadden, Taylan Curry. George Vause, Mervan Turgat, Billy Bennett. (Front row, l-r): Blake Billings, Harry McBurnie, Joe Chapman and Harvey Biggs.

The Louth Academy Year 10 Coastal and Wolds District Football Champions. (Back row, l-r): Henry Brown, Josh Durham, Thomas Bagley, Connor Pennell, Daniel Baldwin-McGhee, Jake McSpadden. (Front row, l-r): Cameron Stratford, Bailey Cromer, Jamie Quinlan, Alex Hewson and Jamie Atkinson.

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