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Jamband Offers Young Louth Musicians A Space To Collaborate And Boost Their Confidence

Isabelle Molina (12) and Thomas Carr (12), from Louth Academy, are members of Louth Junior Jamband, which meets monthly at the Academy. They have met like-minded young people from other schools thanks to the group.

Young people across the Louth area are now taking part in their own ‘school of rock’ thanks to Lincolnshire Music Service and Louth Academy.

Louth Jamband launched in February this year and gives students who play the guitar, drums or sing the opportunity to come together and learn new songs, perform together and socialise.

The Junior and Senior groups meet on the first Thursday of each month in the Performing Arts Theatre at Louth Academy, which offers them a fantastic rehearsal space, complete with seating for future performances.

Mike Sellars, Guitar Teacher and Tutor for Lincs Music Service, is leading the Jamband with Tutor Steve Pitts. The groups have met six times this year and are open to young people from right across the region. The groups include young people from Louth Academy, KEVIGS and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Alford.

Mike explained: “The facilities offered by Louth Academy for the Jamband are amazing. Not only do we have a sizeable performance area but we also have seating. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to offer young people a safe and secure place to come along and enjoy music together.

“Without this, many young people may only play their instruments at home in their bedrooms and never get the chance to socialise with other musicians. We offer them a collaborative environment, which gives them the chance to learn from each other and to make friends with like-minded people. It improves their social and performance skills and gives them a chance to rehearse and jam together.

“We want Jamband to raise the profile of music in the area for young people because we do find that as they get older, perhaps by Years 10 and 11, some students stop playing because they don’t consider it to be cool. We want to dispel that myth and show them that Jamband is an opportunity to improve their playing, but most of all it is just great fun.

“We try to ensure that the music we play is the music they like and we regularly brainstorm with the students to get their views.”

Louth Academy students Isabelle Molina and Thomas Carr (both Year 7) have joined Jamband. Both guitarists, they appreciate the opportunity to be able to play their music together each month.

Isabelle (12) said: “It is nice to play alongside other musicians and to feel comfortable doing it. I am really enjoying meeting musicians from other schools too.”

Thomas said the sessions have helped him to communicate more with other students who have the same interests. “Before this I would just play at home or watch TV. Now we can all play together and I like it,” he said.

Junior JamBand is best suited for students of Primary School age and Secondary students in Years 7 and 8, up to Grade 2 ability. It meets from 4.30pm to 6.15pm.

Senior JamBand is for students in Year 9 and above, and those of a Grade 3 standard or above. It meets from 6.30-8.15pm. Both groups  will take a break  for the summer holidays and return in the Autumn Term at Louth Academy.

Philip Dickinson, Principal of Louth Academy, said it is a privilege to be able to offer local musicians a space to come together and perform. 

“Music is very important at Louth Academy but not all students end up in orchestras or choirs,” he said. “Jamband is offering these musicians the chance to come together and really enjoy their interest in music, singing and jamming together. Music is so important for improving confidence and you can see the students come alive when they start to play.”

Members of Lincolnshire Music Service’s Junior Jamband rehearse at Louth Academy with tutors, Steve Pitts and Mike Sellars.

Junior Jamband members from schools across the region rehearse at Louth Academy.

Louth Academy student Isabelle Molina (12) playing with Jamband.

Thomas Carr (12) practises with Louth Jamband.

Mike Sellars, guitar teacher for Lincolnshire Music Service,  tutors the Junior Jamband at Louth Academy.

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