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Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenido to the Modern Languages Curriculum Area at Louth Academy.

Studying a language at Louth Academy helps our students to develop the cultural knowledge and linguistic competences necessary to compete in the international arena.

Please explore these pages to find out more about what we offer.

Ethos & Values

  • To enhance the students' experience of language learning, through the effective delivery of the curriculum, using outstanding resources.
  • To encourage independent language learning with an international focus.
  • To have consistently high expectations and match these with high quality resources and learning strategies.
  • To provide a range of educational experiences appropriate to the age, ability and needs of our students.
  • To adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of MFL.

Knowledge & Skills

Students develop their four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a variety of contexts to prepare them for language use in the global community. We cater for a range of different learning styles: visual, aural and kinaesthetic. There is scope for students' personal growth as learners, through active participation in class lessons and homework, which provides students with the ability to communicate effectively and with confidence, both orally and in writing, in a variety of styles and situations in the target language.

Students are encouraged to express personal opinions and communicate effectively in a range of "real life" situations; for example, business transactions, ordering food in a restaurant and asking for information about a town.

Our Language Laboratory provides students with the opportunity to enhance their computer skills and it also grants a further opportunity for oral and aural practise through the use of headphones and microphones.

Resources & Facilities

Both sites have newly renovated classrooms for MFL. Students also have lessons in the newly refurbished ICT suite, which is used regularly to enhance learning.

Mrs Davey is Curriculum Leader for MFL at Louth Academy, where the languages studied are French and Spanish at Key Stage 3, and French, and Spanish at Key Stage 4. On both lower and upper site there are languages clubs at lunchtime and after school.

Courses & Qualifications

Key Stage 3:

Students follow the National Curriculum in Modern Foreign Languages.

Key Stage 4:

Currently new specification GCSE in French (AQA), GCSE in Spanish (AQA).


The specification codes are:

  • French – 8658
  • Spanish – 8698

The exam board used is AQA.

The assessment is weighted:

  • Written exam - 25%
  • Speaking exam - 25%
  • Reading exam - 25%
  • Listening exam - 25%

Students are entered for all examinations at either Foundation Tier (Grades 1-5) or Higher Tier (Grades 4-9).


Topics covered during each academic year:

Year 7

Spanish – Myself, Meetings and Greetings, Numbers, My Family and Friends, Where I live, Food and Drink, Sports

French – Myself, Meetings and Greetings, Numbers, My Family and Friends, Education, Sports, Hobbies

Year 8

Spanish – Hobbies, Education, Health, Past Holidays, Town, Cultural Research Project

French – Food and Drink, Health, Past holidays, Town, House, Cultural Research Project

Year 9 (start of AQA GCSE course)

Spanish – Family, Friends and Relationships, Hobbies, Media and Technology in Everyday Life, My Studies, Life at School / College, Home, Town

French – My Studies, Life at School / College, Home, Town, Neighbourhood and Region, Food and Drink, Free-time Activities, Media and Technology in Everyday Life

Year 10 (start of AQA GCSE course)

French- Education post-16, Jobs / Careers, Travel and Tourism, Social Issues, Health Issues, Environment, Festivals

Year 11

French – Myself, Family, Friends and Relationships, Preparation for the Speaking Assessments, Revision of all other topics in all skill areas: Media, Free time, Festivals, Health, Where I live, Town, Region, Holidays, School, Future Plans, Jobs / Careers

German – Preparation for the Speaking Assessments and Revision of all topics in all skill areas: Myself, Family, Friends and relationships, Media, Free Time, Festivals, Health, Where I Live, Town, Region, Holidays, School, Future Plans, Jobs / Careers

Learning Outside The Classroom

Language Club

The Language Club at Lower Site gives students the opportunity to develop their interests in particular topics and it also allows them some more independent learning time. The language club has a strong ICT emphasis and is on offer for all year 7 and 8 students. The focus is very much on what interests the students, so we welcome their input. It is a good way to meet new people and learn some extra French or Spanish, or a new language, whilst having fun! It also provides support with homework or other tasks.

At Upper Site there are several times available to students both at lunchtime and after school in the Languages Department. These are open to all Key Stage 4 students. The focus here is on improving skills or doing extra tasks or revision for their GCSE courses, or providing support with homework.

Where Does This Take Me In The Future?

  • Learning a language provides opportunities for students who may wish to be employed in the world of Business.
  • Learning a language provides transferable skills, knowledge and understanding for the ever-changing world.
  • Languages motivate students via applied learning and continuous assessment.
  • GCSE Language qualifications provide a springboard to further and higher programmes of study.

Just under 50% of companies lose business because of language barriers. At Louth Academy, we aim to provide our students with opportunities to make themselves stand out to future employers. Linguistic competence is a much sought after skill.

Learning a language shows that you are a brave individual who is not afraid of a challenge. You have a well-trained memory in order to learn and recall all the extra words in a foreign language. You are able to converse in another language and therefore likely to be adept at communicating in your mother tongue too. You are open minded and like to try new things. You can perform well, even when under pressure, as you can successfully converse in a foreign language without prior preparation.

Learning a language allows you to better appreciate and understand cultural and historical connections. You are confident and can talk to lots of different people in the world. You persevere when things become difficult, because learning a language is not easy but it is worth it.

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