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Mission Statement

Mission Statement - Louth Academy will:

  • Provide a rich, diverse and challenging education through evidence based and innovative teaching and learning
  • Prepare students for active local, national and global citizenship
  • Drive an aspirational mindset in staff and students
  • Support personal development, social responsibility and a sense of self-worth
  • Work as partners in learning with students, parents/carers and the community
  • Develop the attitudes and skills that support a healthy and fulfilled life together with the confidence for a lifetime of learning
  • Accept that our first responsibility is to our students, to meet their needs and provide outstanding service
  • Adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the Academy's work and life

We are committed to honesty and responsibility in all relationships, respecting the legitimate rights of individuals and stressing the importance of social awareness and sensitivity.

The Curriculum

Louth Academy ensures all students receive a broad and balanced curriculum that is well sequenced and considers students’ cognitive load. This is evident through in-depth curriculum planning and thoughtful sequencing of knowledge and skills. This ensures students have the knowledge and skills to become well rounded individuals ready for their role in wider society.

The curriculum is delivered through high quality evidence informed teaching that focuses on:

- Cognitive Load Theory
- Rosenshine's Principles
- Retrieval Practice
- Literacy

Pastoral Care

Louth Academy has extremely high expectations of all students, which is reflected within our Behaviour Policy. We have a rigorous safeguarding policy that ensures all students feel safe at the Academy and are supported whenever needed. A consistent approach, positive rewards, clear sanctions and an emphasis on behaviour modification form the foundation of our ethos. This ensures students become well rounded individuals ready for their role in wider society.

Teachers support the pastoral system by:

- Setting high expectations of all students
- Following the safeguarding procedures
- Implementing the behaviour policy in a fair and consistent fashion
- Focusing on positive rewards through Epriase

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