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You don't have to want to be the next Alan Sugar to study Business. But, Business Studies does allow you to have an insight into the business world which is essential, regardless of your career choice! In addition, you will develop your team working skills, analytical skills, ICT skills, communication skills and decision making skills - all of which make you a more attractive employee when you leave the Academy.

Ethos & Values

The subject covers six main areas, which include:

  • The purpose of business activity, the role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, and the dynamic nature of business.
  • The importance of external influences on business and how businesses change in response to these influences.
  • The purpose of the finance function, its role within business and how it influences business activity.
  • The purpose of marketing, its role within business and how it influences business activity.
  • The purpose of human resource management, its role within business and how it influences business activity.
  • What business operations involve, their role within the production of goods and the provision of services, and how they influence business activity.

Knowledge & Skills

During the course you will develop the following skills and aptitudes:

  • Learn how to apply knowledge and understanding to contemporary businesses of different sizes, types and locations.
  • Develop yourself to be an enterprising individual with the ability to think commercially and creatively, demonstrating business acumen and drawing on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve problems.
  • Develop your ability to be a critical and reflective thinker.
  • Develop an enquiring mind and take a critical approach when making informed judgements.
  • Investigate and analyse real business opportunities which are well evidenced with balanced and structured arguments.
  • Develop and apply quantitative skills when interpreting data.

Courses & Qualifications

All assessment will take place at the end of Year 11 by two separate examinations - one exam is based on how Operations and Human Resource Management influence a business, the other is based on how Marketing and Finance influence a business. Both papers contain multiple choice, short and extended questions and will assess your ability to apply your knowledge, and analyse and evaluate business theories and concepts.

Course Content

Year 9 Content

  • Business in the real world
    • Business Planning
    • Business ownership
  • Influences on Business
    • Technology
    • Economic Climate
    • Legislation
    • Ethics and the environment
  • Business Operations
    • Production Processes

Year 10 Content

  • Business Operations
    • Procurement
    • Concept of quality
    • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
    • Organisational structures
    • Recruitment
    • Motivation
    • Training
  • Marketing
    • Identifying customer needs
    • Market segmentation

Year 11 Content

  • Marketing
    • Market Research
    • The marketing mix – Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  • Finance
    • Sources of finance
    • Cash Flow
    • Financial terms and calculations
    • Analysing financial performance

Where Does This Take Me In The Future?

The study of Business is highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers. The knowledge and skills you will learn have such breadth they are essential in a wide variety of professions, some of these include: business adviser, data analyst, retail manager, events manager, teacher or social media manager.

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